Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Ways to Play with your Cat

If you’re a cat owner, there’s no better enjoyment than playing games with your cat. Whether they are kittens or adults, watching them chase, flip, run and jump can provide hours of entertainment for the both of you. It’s also healthy as they get lots of exercise and it keeps them happy while you get bonding time with them. There are lots of games you can play together but here are some all time favorites.

Pouncing games give your cat a chance to seek and catch. Move an object, like their favorite toy or something else that grabs their attention, along the floor or up and around the furniture and they will try to catch it. To make it more challenging, just as they are about to get the toy, move it away really fast and they’ll try again and again. Also whenever you change your bedsheets, be prepared for playtime. Your cat will jump all around the bed pouncing as you fluff the sheets.

These games give your cat a chance to use their natural instincts for catching prey. Once the toy is caught,  they pull it towards their belly and kick furiously with their back legs while shaking and biting their catch. Good toys for this game are catnip filled mice or a stuffed animal around their size. Sometimes when you rub a cat’s belly they go into bunny kick mode but they’re not necessarily being aggressive – they see it as playtime and normally wind up licking your hand while kicking.

These are the most fun. Kitty loves to wait and pounce.  This is why you wind up with a cat attached to your foot unexpectedly when you walk by.  Try getting down on their level and peek around the corner and you’ll notice each time you do they get closer and closer until you’re nose to whiskers with your furry friend. And yes, kitty will pounce from above too. So if you have high shelves be assured you could have a cat land on you from above.

These games involve waving a toy or a feather wand that requires your cat to leap high into the air and capture it with their front paws. You will be amazed how agile they are and how high they can actually jump.

For indoor cats, playtime is very important. They not only need it but they enjoy it. They only require maybe ten minutes a day, but playtime can last as long as you want it to. The best time to play is around dusk because you will tucker them out and they’ll sleep through the night instead of waking you early in the morning.  For hilarious playtime videos, check out YouTube and see how much fun playtime with your cat can be.

by Scott Goodblatt

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