Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From our Classic Car & Hot Rods Issue - The Pros And Cons Of Hood Scoops

Written by Scott Goodblatt, Photo by LuAnne Sheffield

During your project you might discover you might want to add a hood scoop. They look great and are designed to provide additional air flow to the engine which  improves the car's performance.

There are two types of hood scoops: open and closed. Open hood scoops are enclosed on 3 sides and are raised to catch additional air at high speeds. Closed are mostly cosmetic but can increase air flow over the car which will increase your gas mileage and speed.  There are pros and cons to both to consider before   installing.

The Pros
There are lots of pros to hood scoops. They look great, they are functional but the biggest benefit is performance. A hood scoop will usually have one specific function but many benefits. For example, if you use a manifold type scoop it brings cooler air into the engine compartment into the air intake system and cools the engine which increases performance.  Hood scoops are very common with muscle car enthusiasts as they will add them purely for added enhancement to the lines of the car and will also intertwine a paint scheme with it.

The Cons
Despite all of the pros, there are some cons to adding a hood scoop to the car.  With that increased air flow mentioned above there comes extra dirt and debris and water. That leads to extra maintenance on the engine, extra air filter changes and more frequent engine cleaning.  Also there is the issue of increased engine noise levels which could violate noise ordinances/laws. Most of all a scoop can have negative impacts on vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency.

If performance enhancement for your muscle car is your goal then adding a hood scoop is a good fit. Hood scoops improves performance in different ways and cosmetically they can really make the car stand out. Despite the drawbacks, if you can live with them, it's worth it.

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